Project 365 - Week 31

IMG_20140727_135445 Day 208 - Ride that Horse - Today we went and tried selling all our old toys and baby stuff at a car boot sale and they had pony rides there. This is Mia riding for the first time


Day 209 - Welcome - The fairy garden is coming along down and they have a front door and furniture. It looks better than our house


Day 210 - Slide Time - She seems to be growing so fast at the moment but she’ll always be my little girl


Day 211 - Flower Girl - Today the girls had an art and craft today and made little flowers.


Day 212 - Lazy Dayz - OK it wasn’t lazy but I love the way Aly is laying down while creating a little project.


Day 213 - Feeding Time - There was a time when Mia would never eat fruit but slowly she’s getting better. Anyone would think she hasn’t eaten for a week.


Day 214 - Pretty Pink - Pink flowers always brighten up the place.


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