Project 365 - Week 32

IMG_20140803_123147 Day 215 - My New Friend - Today in the garden I made a new friend. He was quite happy for me to take his photo


Day 216 - Portrait - It amazes me that I helped create this Princess. It’s also scary to think she’s almost 7 and we be in Year 2 in September


Day 217 - Super Girl - Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? No it’s Super Girl and Super Ted taking on the World


Day 218 - Hello Donkey - There used to be a time when neither of the girls would touch or even approach an animal but now you can’t stop them.


Day 219 - Peaceful - A slightly different photo from me today a little urban photo. This was on the way to work and it just grabbed me. It was sunny and peaceful with no one around.


Day 220 - Today we've been at a launch of the new Chessington hotel where Aly and Mrs OD3G held a snake.


Day 221 - Sea Dragon - Today we spent the day at Chessington and both the girls seemed to enjoy the day

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