Project 365 - Week 33

20140810_213442_1 Day 222 - Super Moon - It’s no secret that I love a moon photo so when a Super Moon appeared of course I was going to take a photo


Day 223 - Duvet Den - What do you do on a wet day in the school holidays? Well you build a duvet den


Day 224 - My Summer Hat - Yep it’s been a day of more Summer holiday crafts and today the girls made Summer hats


Day 225 - Before Rain - Looking at this picture you’d never imagine that shortly afterwards the rain poured down.


Day 226 - Pottery Painting - For something a little different the girls enjoyed some pottery painting today. Aly loved it so much she booked her birthday there


Day 227 - Sunflower - Somehow one of our sunflowers has managed to grow with 5 heads.


Day 228 - Getting to Work - As it's been a nice day Aly has been getting to work on the fairy garden and making it look all nice.


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