Project 365 - Week 34

wpid-img_20140817_185848.jpg Day 229 - Spikey - The fairy garden is almost complete just a final addition is this plant in the hope it attracts so bugs to the bug box


Day 230 - British Bake Off - Today’s activity was baking, and the girls made a selection of biscuits.


Day 231 - Swings & Roundabouts - When you’re this cute life is all about swings and roundabouts.


Day 232 - Relax - The school holidays sometimes get too much so you need to take a moment and relax


Day 234 - Autumn on it's Way - The sun has still been out but you can feel a drop in temperature.


Day 235 - Looking for Inspiration - After a busy week at work I took 5 minutes out and went looking for some inspiration


Day 236 - Dolphin Fun - The other day the girls went off for some pottery painting and today we went and collected them and this is the finished product

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