Project 365 - Week 35

wpid-img_20140824_160529.jpg Day 237 - Down on the Beach - Today we headed down to Brighton beach to see the sand sculptures. While down there we got to spend some time by the sea


Day 238 - Wet Monday - Today has been a complete wash out…it’s a good job we went out yesterday.


Day 239 - Farm to Fork - Today the girls went to Tesco for an activity they have been running where Tesco show the children were the food comes from and how it ends on our plates.


Project 240 - Ice Bucket Challenge - Yep it had to happen at some point and I blame Tom Briggs from DiaryoftheDad for nominating me but I took part for some stupid reason. So of course today’s photo is of me mid pour.


Day 241 - Welcome Home - This is what greeted me when I arrived home from work today…the girls had been busy drawing and writing on the path


Day 242 - Game Time - As the girls get older we find we’re playing more and more board games with them after dinner.


Day 243 - Dolls House - During the Summer we allowed the girls to play with this giant dolls house

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