Project 365 - Week 36

OneDad3Girls Photo A Day Day 244 - More Baking - Yep more baking today from the girls. What was created? Mainly a mess involving lots of flour.

OneDad3Girls Project 365

Day 245 - Me Cheeky? - She’s such a cheeky little monkey and is often so happy


Day 246 - Speed Demon - As their last day out before going back to school the girls went to a place called Knockhatch. They had these go karts which Aly loved and was trying to overtake everyone.


Day 247 - Peace - This was the view in Lewes early this morning…no one was around and it was so peaceful.


Day 248 - Back to School - Like many children around the UK the girls went back to school today. Aly is now in Year 2 and Mia is now in her final year of playschool


Day 249 - Orchids - We don’t have many plants in the house as we tend to just kill them so lets see how long this one lasts


Day 250 - Delicate - I could photo these for hours, so soft and delicate

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