Project 365 - Week 39

20140921_134747_1 Day 265 - Black & White - Mia just lately seems to have caught the writing bug and I think it comes from watching Aly always with a pen in her hand.


Day 266 - Flower Power - We spotted lots of these flowers when we went for a idea what they are


Day 267 - Gone - This seemed like the last remaining blackberry...a sign that Summer is over?


Day 268 - Hang On - It seems Lewes is trying to hang on to Summer for as long as possible even if there seems to be more brown in the landscape.


Day 269 - Sky at Night - I love the sky at night, it's usually around 7pm and the sky seems so full of colour.


Day 270 - My Favourites - Who doesn't like a delivery arriving that contains flowers and chocolates?


Day 271 - Ummm Food - A parcel of food yep it's a winner with me, this is our breakfast for the week.

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