Project 365 - Week 40

IMG_20140928_152223 Day 272 - Looking Old - This was Aly making her treasure map look old using a tea bag and scrunching it up


Day 273 - Flower Power - Everyone needs some flower power on a Monday morning


Day 274 - Mellow Yellow - Are you bored of the flower photos yet?


Day 275 - Already! - Yep Christmas planner has started and we have all the stuff needed for our Advent Calendar project

Lewes Game

Day 276 - Kick It - This evening I went to a local football match in Lewes as we were sponsoring the game so had free tickets, a little panoramic from the game.


Day 277 - Webby - This morning was a spider web kind of morning, they seemed to be everywhere


Day 278 - Hold On - We have one plant in the garden that is trying to hold on to Summer


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