Project 365 - Week 41

20141011_120928_1 Day 279 - More Flowers - If in doubt just take a photo of a flower, what could go wrong?


Day 280 - Sleepy - Aly snuggling up on the sofa after bath, looking so sleepy.


Day 281 - Moony - Hey if there's a moon in the sky I'll try to photo it, not my best but worth a try.

IMG_20141008_175900 (1)

Day 282 - New Toy - This is my new toy, it's an Olympus OM1n a 1980s 35mm film camera.


Day 283 - Fire Fire - At the moment Aly is learning about the Great Fire of London and was just writing a poem about it.


Day 284 - Ark - After the rain we've had this week I'm thinking it might be time to build an Ark


Day 285 - The Light - After the storms of the night there seems to be a bit of light trying to shine through.

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