Project 365 - Week 42

IMG_20141012_173334 Day 286 - Birthday Cake - This was the Princess you was turning 4 and she loved her Frozen birthday cake and didn't need any help blowing out her candles.


Day 287 - Birthday Meal - She looks so grown up in this photo. For her birthday meal she wanted to go to Pizza Express...her wish was our command.


Day 288 - Chills - The mornings are getting colder and it won't be long until the grass is covered in frost


Day 289 - Misty Morning - It was a misty start to the morning, hummm I may have edited this one but I love the effect.


Day 290 - Clear Morning - Today started with a beautiful clear sky and the moon still proud in the morning sky.


Day 291 - Wibble - Lots of jelly fun for Halloween arrived today...I'll never say no to a food challenge.


Day 292 - Soup - Mrs OD3G got a soup maker for her birthday, this one was inspired by Halloween and it's a courgette and a green pepper one.

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