Project 365 - Week 43

IMG_20141019_164753 Day 293 - Must be love - As they grow older they seem to be getting closer and closer


Day 294 - Sisters Forever - It gets to a point where they both want the same things even clothing


Day 295 - Math - You'll always find Aly drawing and writing and now she seems to be taking an interest in Math


Day 296 - Ummm Cake - This week's creation from Mrs 0D3G, it's a banana and chocolate chip cake


Day 297 - Roses are Red - If in doubt and it's been a busy day just take a flower photo


Day 298 - Halloween Treats - A big parcel of goodies arrived from HP and they included this collection of stuff for some Halloween activities


Day 299 - #FrankiesFangs - Today we were invited to Frankie & Bennys for lunch for their Halloween specials and they added some fangs to the table and Mia was giving it some

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