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Project 365 - Week 45

image Day 307 - Ummm Soup - This week's homemade soup from Mrs OD3G is this leek & potato soup with tiger bread


Day 308 - Kick It - For a little work's evening out we headed off to watch the football


Day 309 - Calm - This week it was Lewis' bonfire celebration and this was taken in the seemed to sum up the calm.


Day 310 - Frosty - For the first time this Autumn I woke up to a frost


Day 311  - Film - I have almost come to the end of the film in my camera and I'm excited to see what I've created


Day 312 - Tis Cold - I get the feeling that Mia is trying to tell me that it's getting cold in the house.


Day 313 - Blogfest - Today I  was at Blogfest and they had some brilliant speakers including James Dearsley who I missed at BritMums

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