Project 365 - Week 52


I really think I've gone wrong somewhere in this final week. The days have all blended into one. I have 11 photos which I think is right and they are from the final week. Who knows?

1st 365

We visited a house that always puts of a good display of lights, Santa popped round to say hi, we made fudge and Buddy the Elf left us a little present.


The calm of Lewes on Christmas Eve before all the shoppers arrived.

2nd 365

This is what our Christmas table looked like with a handmade chocolate sleigh and the girls in their new Christmas pyjamas.


Enjoying a new game after Christmas, we love Orchard Toys in this house and Animal Safari is a winner.


A cold and frosty morning that seems to have created a pretty pattern.

Right these aren't in order but there we have it, project 365...completed

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