The Return of Football Training - CountryKids

Sunday saw the return of football training for Aly after their Christmas break and it was the first outing of her new football boots which Father Christmas gave her. It wasn't the best of starts as she was tired and didn't seem to want to join was blooming cold so this may have played a part too.


I think the face here says it all, but she does still look cute dressed up. Once she'd actually got running about and playing she was fine and the also managed to score a couple of goals with her new boots so they can't have been that bad.

Her mood soon picked up when it came to the penalty shoot out at the end of training especially as she managed to win the shoot out meaning that we have a trophy on the shelves.


As you can see she ended up with a big cheesy grin and we are so proud of her and she obviously enjoyed it as she was jumping up and down with excitement.

With her swimming due to start up again in a few weeks time she really will be the sporty one of the family

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