Review of British Airways i360, Brighton


Location: Lower Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2LN

Hours: From 9:30 am every day, closing time varies. 

Price: Adult - £16.50 / Advanced Tickets Available

Going up the i360 is something I've been wanting to do for such a long time, I was originally going to go when it first opened but things seemed to keep getting in the way. The 162-metre observation tower has been open for almost 2 years now. 

It stands in the area near the famous West Pier, and anywhere along the seafront, you can see it standing proudly. From the top, it's possible to see the Isle of Wight which is 42 miles away, or in the other direction Beachy Hed which is 17 miles away. 

Brighton i360

When we visited we booked a flight time of around 7 pm, this was in the hope that the sun would be a little lower but still be able to see for miles. Once you've gone through security you come to a holding area which over looks the beach and the West Pier. This gives you a great area to grab a couple of photos and possibly a selfie whilst the British Airways i360 is up near the top. 

It's not until you stand underneath the pod that you realise how tall the tower is. Once the pod has dropped off the last people everyone quickly gets on board....honestly there is hardly any waiting around. We visited on a hot day and as soon as we stepped in we were greeted with a cool air-conditioned pod, it felt so good.  


Inside the pod there is a few seats if you wish to take it easy, or plenty of space to stand and enjoy the views. If you'd like a drink they have a bar area and serve a few local drinks such as Harvey’s Brewery Gold Bier and Brighton Gin. 

As we visited on a Friday night we had the pleasure of live music on our flight. Each week it's a different performer and ours was Sarah Louise Harris who is a local singer/songwriter. This added to the whole enjoyment of the occasion. 


One thing people are worried about is the speed in which it moves up and down, once inside you honestly can't feel it moving. I know people with a fear of heights and this is their worry. It's so incredibly smooth, you can walk around whilst it's moving and nothing, it's not like a lift. If you have any doubts put them to the back of your mind. 

You have plenty of time to grab those photos for Instagram and everyone is lovely and spaced out. Where else can you get these amazing photos of the wonderful city of Brighton? Make the most of the flight. 


One thing to keep an eye on when taking photos up there is the reflection, it can ruin photos. My tip is to get the phone or camera lens right up against the glass, this greatly reduces the problem. Some of the photos I captured weren't all that, the grabbed the moment but I wouldn't normally share them. 

This was one of those said photos. 


This was such a brilliant experience and I'd go up there again possibly in Autumn when the sun sets a little earlier to see if I can get some photos when the sky is so full of colour. 

As you leave the pod after the flight you enter into the gift shop where they have all sorts of treats and there is also the West Beach Bar & Kitchen which looked a lovely place to grab something to eat or drink. 

A truly wonderful experience. 

This was one of the views from the pod, this is looking towards Shoreham. It was a slightly hazy evening but you could still see for miles. 




ISO: 60




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