Samsung S8 Camera 'Real Life' Review - Landscape + Bluebells

Here it is the latest mobile from Samsung, this is the latest model in their Galaxy series. How does this compare to the iPhone 7? 

This is the latest Samsung phone, this is the S8 and first impressions are everything...this does not disappoint. This is the best looking phone available right now. 

I could tell you all about the phone, the bigger battery, the 5.8" Quad HD Infinity display that is as near to edge to edge as you'll possibly see. How about the fact it comes with 64GB and that can be expanded, or the iris scanner to unlock your phone? This all adds to the best smartphone right now. 

I'm here to talk about the camera, the dual pixel 12MP rear facing camera and the 8MP front facing camera. This video was recording using the phone and all photos taking using it too. 

The first thing you notice about this is that it's not as wide as you'd expect and feels better in the hand than a lot of other phones. Even though it's maybe not as wide the screen is huge and is pretty much edge to edge so when it comes to taking and looking at photos it's impressive. 

Before I started using the camera I changed some of the settings, firstly I set it to save both RAW and JPEG files and on video I set it to the highest possible quality. To do this you simply enter camera mode and then press the cog button. 

I'll start with the video quality which if you watch the video above you'll see the quality is incredible. I recorded it in 4K and uploaded in 2K (as most people don't watch YouTube in 4K). With the front facing camera the quality is stunning and much better than any other phone I've used. Add to this the sound quality and you really have an impressive bit of kit. It would appear that I could only record 10minutes of 4K at a time but they is more than fine. 

If this was the only camera you had you certainly wouldn't be disappointed. 

I tried to use this camera in auto mode just like 99% of people who get this phone will too, you can change things manually if you wish but most people will simply press the button. Parents will be wanting to capture their children quickly and simply without having to mess around with settings. There are features built in that you may enjoy such as panoramic, slow-mo, and other things. 

One fun feature that is built in is the 'Snapchat' style filters, this was a great addition and I can see lot's more phones having this. My two girls loved playing with this and I was safe in the knowledge that they weren't actually on social media to use them. I kind of stumbled into this feature but if in the camera mode you click the bear then it pops up. 

The overall quality of the photos is brilliant and the photos you see are straight out of the camera, and you'd be happy to share any of these. The next few photos were taken on a family day out when it was pretty gloomy and not ideal conditions. 

If you're due an upgrade and are looking for a new phone and you want one with a good camera then this for me is probably one of the best on the market. The small downside for me is the lack of dual lens, which on the iPhone was a great addition...but that is just be nitpicking. 

If might not be the best of the best but it certainly won't disappoint. As a phone, it runs on Android and it perfects as you would expect. These days there isn't too much difference between Android and iOS, both have their quirks and faults but they have the same apps etc. 

For more information on the Samsung S8 head over to Three UK to find out more

I was lent this phone for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and pictures are my own.