Searching for Autumn

As a landscape photographer Autumn is my favourite time of year. The trees are full of reds and oranges, the skies are full of colour and if you’re lucky you get a misty morning.

It seems like it’s been ages since I took my camera out just to take photos for the fun of it. It’s taken many for ‘work’ but none just for me, just to enjoy the moment.

So I set out to correct this, one clear early morning I put on a warm coat and headed out around Lewes to have a look to see if I could find signs of Autumn.

I sort of had a idea of a route I wanted to walk, an area around Pells Pond when the paths are lined with trees so it seemed like the natural area to walk around and look for those signs of Autumn.

Armed with my camera and time to spare I set off on my adventure. For those that don’t know there is a river running through the bottom of the town called the Ouse. This river has wonderful grassy banks to walk along and the water is often very still and calm.

All of the photos in this series were taken using my Nikon D610 and handheld. It was lovely to get out without the pressure of making a video, or fulfilling a shoot list, just taking photos for the fun if it.

The colours captured were just as I’d hoped and the beauty of an early morning walk was that there were very few people out and about.

I’ll leave a few of the photos that I managed to capture. I’d love to see your Autumn photos so make sure you tag me on Instagram @darrencoleshill