Review - Set Your World on Flowers

If anyone looks at my Instagram feed they'll see that I love flowers, I pretty much post a photo from our garden at least once a day. Just lately we've been adding more flowers to our garden after spending years growing our own vegetables. This is the first year where we've actually had colour in the garden. 

The wonderful people at Set Your World on Flowers then sent us over a selection of beautiful flowers in the hope it would bring colour and joy to our house. 

When the flowers arrived they looked in good health and already full of colour. The idea is that anyone can look after these and they are easy to maintain. It's a case of simply a case of adding water to them and they will last for at least 40 days.  

These are winners with us, so far we've had these for a month and we haven't destroyed them yet. The pots that these arrive in are suitable just to be placed in the garden and it's impossible to over water these as the pots have a small hole on the bottom for drainage.  

I think you'll agree that these are beautiful and I'm sure people would prefer to receive a plant full of colour that will last a long time rather than a bouquet of flowers that'll last a week. 

Set your World on Flowers are available from various Waitrose stores, pop over to their website for more information. 

We were sent these for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.