Small Batch Coffee Roasters

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On the high street, café culture has continued to boom and is growing on daily basis. My friends and family know I love to enjoy a proper cup of coffee every day. Not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. I'm very guilty of contributing to the 95 million cups consumed every day just in the UK alone. That is a huge figure that continues to climb. It's partly due to the fact there are so many fantastic coffee houses, roasters and cafés out there.

One of the things I love to do is try out new and quirky places to get my fix. While walking through The Lanes in Brighton, I came across several venues on my travels. One that stood out to me was called Small Batch Coffee Roasters on Jubilee Street (No. 17), they're situated right in the centre of the lanes and have an incredible atmosphere surrounding them. local pubs, restaurants, independent shops, cocktails bars and more.


It was a beautifully sunny bank holiday so after soaking up some rays I went in for a look around and to get a feel for the place. The first thing that I noticed was how amazing it looks. It has that rustic yet modern design feel and everything was so clean and tidy. I love how the staff are very polite and upbeat towards customers, this made me feel very relaxed and welcome.

Another guilty pleasure of mine is a slice of something sweet with my coffee and Small Batch offer an amazing range of savouries and pastries to accompany that hot beverage of choice. I have never seen someone take so much care over creating a cup of coffee. The baristas skills are rather impressive, to say the least, and the result is a piping hot cup of paradise. No messing for sure. I wasn't just there to taste the coffee, I was also there to enjoy myself on a well earned day off. So, I had a Mocha with extra chocolate sprinkles but accompanied by a Vegan slice of Sweet Potato & Orange Loaf.


Small Batch caters for the Vegan market which is brilliant as it's a key element to running a café nowadays. Coffee houses that don't are missing out on a lot of custom. I would confidently say they're very child safe and friendly. Dogs are allowed too. A coffee house can put off customers simply due to the fact they're not dog-friendly, it won't have anything to do with the coffee, menu or anything else for that matter. All cafés should cater for anything and everything just like Small Batch as it's not off-putting for anyone.

I would certainly revisit this quirky place and highly recommend it to others as not only can you watch the world go by sitting next to the huge glass windows, but you'll be served an incredible cup of coffee or whatever takes your fancy created with care and the staff are bound to have a beaming smile at the same time.


I hope you all enjoyed my review and blog post about Small Batch Coffee Roasters, I certainly enjoyed my experience. So, what you waiting for, get down there and enjoy it for yourself.

Good job Small Batch.


We were kindly gifted our cake and coffee from Small Batch for the purpose of this post.