Sunshine Portraits




ISO: 50




Over the Bank Holiday, I spent a lot of time in Brighton and one of the tasks was to take some photos of John from Dad Blog UK. The reason for this was because he's just launched a new t-shirt range and needed some promotional photos. 

I stepped up and did my best. 

Of course I loved taking the photos, John is a good friend and it was fun to spend time talking and grabbing some photos to use. 

The plan was to meet near the Palace Pier and use the surrounding area and possibly the beach, we had just this two hour gap on this one day. This leads to the issue with outdoor photography, the bright sunshine, in England you can't predict just appears and boy did it appear this day. 

The bright high sunshine, a busy seafront and that was our location. Sunshine, shadows and high temperatures don't make for a great photoshoot but we made the best of it.   

The photos all came out ok, they are perfectly fine but in an ideal World, we could have tried a few different things to improve them. 


We had a small window of time which was mid-morning when the sun was beaming down. Ideally, either early morning or what would be perfect is late afternoon into the evening. This would be great and you wouldn't have the model squinting in the photos. 


We could have gone to a different location but this is Brighton, we wanted the seafront, the pier. If we'd have gone deeper into Brighton most wouldn't have known where it was and the impact of the photo would have been lost. Don't substitute your location if it's what gives it an identity.


If you're confident with your settings and camera you should be ok. Keep the ISO super low and keep an eye on the blown out skies and shadows. As it was a sunny day shutter speed was also a problem and if I had to do it again I'd underexpose and bring it back in Photoshop.