Bloom & Wild

If you're a regular reader of my blog or follow me on Instagram you'll know that I love flowers and love taking photos of them. The fact is most weeks I'll post 3 - 4 floral photos. 

A month or so back I was an advert for Bloom & Wild and thought they'd be ideal to work with on a project and as luck would have it they also thought it would be a good idea. For people who are unaware the idea behind Bloom & Wild is that the flowers are delivered in a box that will fit through a standard letter box. 

The cater for many different people and they have a good selection of different bouquets to pick from and also allow you to add a little gift to the order if you're buying them for a special occasion or to guest to someone. Prices for the flowers start at £20 and they can all be added to the subscription service. 

The subscription service allows you to have fresh flowers for 3 months. Each delivery that you receive will have different flowers and they get delivered to you every 28 days or if you prefer you can select every week or every fortnight. The service is very flexible like you can select 'no lilies' if you wish and also when you'd like the service to start from. 

When we received the flowers they came in the box and wrapped in tissue with the heads of the flowers individually protected. They all looked healthy and once in a vase with fresh clean water over the coming days they started to open up and fill the house with a beautiful scent and colour. 

Our flowers with fresh water and being looked after lasted for around 3 weeks which I personally think is good and much longer than some of the bouquets we've had in the past from shops. 

For more information on Bloom & Wild and to start your subscription head over to their website

We was sent these flowers for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

#MySundayPhoto - Bloom & Wild

This week seems to have flown by and this week I've hardly taken any photos which is very unlike me. 

So this week's #MySundayPhoto is of the flowers that Bloom & Wild sent me to enjoy. Sorry more flowers. 

Just for a change this photo was taken on an iPhone SE rather than my Olympus. 

Have an awesome day, I look forward to seeing everyone's photos and I'll be commenting over the coming week. 

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