Trying to Create Everyday

I love creating things, whether it's taking photos, making videos or anything really. I might not be too good at making certain things. I can't draw, I can't paint and I can barely cook but it's the feeling of saying 'I made that'. 

This past week I've been off work and this has allowed me free time to be creative. While the girls have been at school I've brought out some props that I haven't had the time to use and this has meant I've made and taken some photos that I've been meaning to take for a long time. 

At certain times I need direction, I need inspiration so when the people at Great Little Trading Co. asked if we could come up with a few photos using their pin board to create some stylised photos this gave me the direct I was after. It was a photo that I wouldn't have usually taken or even thought about but it gave me something to think about. 

Moving forward I'm going to try and set sometime aside everyday to create something, that may be making a short video, taking some photos or even writing. This may only be for 5 minutes but I think it will be good. 

Give me a bunch of flowers and I'll happily create something with a few things I have laying around. As Easter is on the way I have also been creating a few photos for that weekend.