Incy Wincy Spider

On our patio we've had a sand pit which never gets used, it's often full of slugs and damp old sand. Whilst in the garden we decided to get rid of it but we tried to work out what we should so with it. After having a think we decided to turn it into a shelf unit so we could put some plant pots on it and make the garden look all pretty. 

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The Gardens of Standen House

We're trying to make it our aim to visit various National Trust places every weekend and so far so good. We've been to Bodiam Castle, Lanhydrock and last weekend we visited Standen House and Gardens which is set in the beautiful Sussex countryside.  Seeing as it's only about 25 minutes down the road it seemed like the perfect place to go to for a little picnic and admire the gardens. 

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

I'll admit it I'm a fair weather gardener. Rain, wind or snow then there is no chance of me getting outside but when the sun comes out then boom we're straight in the garden. This weekend me and Aly has the afternoon to ourselves so we got out in the garden and planted a few bits and pieces. 

We don't have the largest of gardens and it's mostly made up of a raised bed for growing all our vegetables so often our garden is a mixture of greens. This weekend we tried to add a little colour. 

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A Week in Bloom

Ok I confess I may have become a little bit obsessed with taking flower photos this past week. May be it's the warm weather or just because they look so damn pretty but anyway I thought I'd collect them all together from the past week and share them. IMG_20140702_124814

If I'm honest a lot of these flower I have no idea what they are called so when I added them to Instagram I got a lot of comments telling me what they are called and this one I am told is a dahlia.


This is another dahlia which is a new addition to the garden this Summer and it has really added a much needed burst of colour to the garden.


As well as all the flowers and various vegetables we also grow blueberries and it won't be long until we'll be enjoying fresh blueberries for breakfast.


What I love about taking photos of flowers and plants is that they tend not to runaway when you try to take their photo, also if you have the equipment you can get right up close and really take a great detailed shot.


This was one of my favourite photos of the week, it may not be the most perfect photo but it was something that grabbed my eye. I was trying to make sure the rose pattern on the front stood out and also the flowers in the can needed to stand out too.

So that was my week in bloom and to see more of my photos please follow me on Instagram.




How Does Your Garden Grow?

Good news....things are starting to grow in the garden. There was also the possibility that I may have popped to the garden centre to buy a couple of small things to add to the garden. 2014-05-11 11.03.53-1

When we visited the garden centre they had a tub of mange tout ready for planting for just £3.99 and as that was the same price as a pack of seeds I thought why not. Once these are ready they will keep us going for the whole summer.

2014-05-11 11.25.18

Added to that I also bought some salad onions which during the summer months we seem to eat more than anything. Again for a tray it was just £3.99 so a lot easier than planting seeds.

As well as these the other salad pieces are coming along nicely.

2014-05-11 11.08.35

Our blueberries have also started to  come back to life and the flowers are forming, I just hope the birds don't eat them before we do.

2014-05-11 11.09.11

Next week we'll hopefully plant our sunflowers and also a couple of tomato plants.



#MySundayPhoto - 4th May

This week's photo is from the garden and it's a little visitor we found...and on closer inspection our pear tree seems to have about 20 of them hiding. IMG_20140501_180841

This week's linky will be open until 8pm on Monday as it's a Bank Holiday and lots of people will be at a blogging event. I shall share and comment on them during the course of the Bank Holiday...have fun.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Woohoo things are starting to grow...oh ok I may have had a little helping hand. We are currently working on a project with Higgidy and Sarah Raven and as part of this they have sent us a collection of various salad plants which have now been planted in our garden. Lettuce



In total they have sent us 25 plants and I can't wait till we are able to eat them. Last year we grew so much that we ended up eating salads for lunch saved us so much money.

Various other things have now started to grow such as our new potatoes and the sunflowers.


Last week's pear blossom has now been replaced with loads of little pears starting to grow. Give it a few weeks and the tree will be over run with them.

Of course no garden would be complete with a few of these dotted around.


With the Bank Holiday weekend we are hoping to plant a few more things such as courgettes, more potatoes and some onions. Then I really need to work on the front garden and make it look presentable.

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#MySundayPhoto - 27th April

Just a simple photo this week of our pear blossom IMG_20140424_212623

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Is it just me or does it seem like things are growing very slowly in the garden at the moment? I was hoping to get out over the Easter weekend but the weather was naff and well there was chocolate to eat. Pear

The pear tree seems to be the only thing that is showing any real growth every week, you can see the pears starting to develop. It won't be long and we'll have more pears than we know what to do with.


The spinach leaves have a long way to go before we get to enjoy them in a salad, we tend to grow a lot of spinach as we'll enjoy that at least once a week during the summer months.


These are meant to be spring onions but I never seem to have much luck growing these, at the moment they are showing more promise than last years attempts.

Hanging Basket

At least our hanging baskets are full of colour, we don't really have many plants in the garden as we prefer to grow things we can eat but adding a splash of colour does help. Last summer our hanging baskets were full of tomatoes.