Little Ladybird

CountryKids - The search for conkers

Daily Photo - Little Ladybird

While out looking for conkers we spotted a little ladybird on one of the leaves and I managed to take a photo of it. The photo is on an iPhone so it might not be the best. 

Photo Information

Camera iPhone SE

Camera Lens N/A

Aperture F/2.2

ISO 40

Focal Length 4.15 mm

Exposure Time 1/35

The End of Summer?

Daily Photo - The End of Summer? 

I took this photo the other day and to me it seemed to signal the end of Summer. These flowers were coming to the end of their life. 

This has felt like the best Summer we've had for many years but I'm really ready for Autumn. The warm clothes, the beautiful colours and all of our birthdays coming up. 

Photo Information

Camera Olympus OM-D E-M10

Camera Lens Olympus 14-42mm 3.5 - 5.6 + 10mm Extension Tube

Aperture F/4.5

ISO 100

Focal Length 24 mm

Exposure Time 1/125

Hanging on to Summer

Blog On

I enjoy attending blogging conferences and this weekend I'll be at one held in Manchester. The event is on Sunday but I'll be heading up on Saturday with Tom from DiaryoftheDad and staying over. 

The downside of this is the 5 hour journey and the fact I need to schedule a whole host of things so sorry in advance if things go slightly wrong. 

Daily Photo - Hanging on to Summer

Even though we're deep into September and Autumn officially started yesterday I am still trying to hang on to the last remains of Summer. 

Photo Information

Camera Olympus OM-D E-M10

Camera Lens Olympus 14-42mm 3.5 - 5.6 + 10mm Extension Tube

Aperture F/5.3

ISO 500

Focal Length 31 mm

Exposure Time 1/60

My Macro Photography Set Up with Olympus

Over the past week or so I've been sharing lots of macro photos on my Instagram and I've been asked a few times how I capture these photos. 

I've been after a macro lens for ages but I can't afford one at the moment. I used to have a Tamron 90mm for my Nikon dSLR quite a few years ago. So I looked for an alternative way of capturing macro photos. 

What I did was purchase a set of extension tubes for my Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera, these cost around £15 from Amazon and I've been really pleased with them. 

The beauty of these tubes is that they fit straight to the body and then the lens goes on to that so any lens will work and fit to them. I know some screw into the lens like a filter but I found these are more versatile.  

I've created a video to work with this blog too so please have a watch of this and hopefully it'll inspire you to have a go at macro photography. 

Come Fly With Me

A few weeks ago I bought some extension tubes and they are possibly the best thing ever. These help turn a regular lens into a Macro lens, helping you get closer to the action. These lens usually cost £300+ but these extension tubes cost just £20 from Amazon

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#MacroPhotoProject - Daisy

I love various different types of photography, I also love photography that takes you out of your comfort zone. One of the techniques that does this is macro, the art of getting up close and showing details that the eye may miss. 

I have always been a big fan of macro and just this week I bought myself some extension tubes which at £20 was a real bargain. 

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#MySundayPhoto - Furry

I do like these Bank Holiday Weekends, is anyone up to anything exciting? 

This week the finalists of the BiBs Awards were announced and I'm very proud to say I'm a finalist in the Social Media category, thank you to everyone who nominated and voted. 

This week's photo is for this little creature that the girls spotted on a plant the other day. Moments like this I had a Macro lens to get really close. 

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