#MySundayPhoto - Scotney

You may have seen that last Sunday we went to Scotney Castle which is in Kent and I've been sharing a few photos over the course of the week but I think I've saved the bet till last. 

I remembered to take my tripod and it really makes a difference. The weather was perfect, the place was pretty quiet and things just seemed to click. The photo has been edited in Photomatix which allows you to merge 3 different exposed photos together and a few tweeks and this is what arrived. 

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A Hidden Castle

This weekend we visited a local National Trust property which had a beautiful garden to explore. The girls weren't so keen until Aly saw all the Autumn colours and then she declared that Autumn is her favourite season. 

Amongst all the plants and trees was this strange looking plant which had the biggest leaves we had ever seen. Anyone any ideas as to what it's called? 

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