Instagram Theme - #PhotalifeNATURE

These week's are flying past, and the the theme for last week was #PhotalifeSEASIDE. A theme I really enjoyed and produced some stunning photos and it seemed everyone had good weather. 

My favourite photo from the week was this one from Brighton. 

Now it's time to pick my favourite photos from the people who linked up. 

A beautiful #sunset over #chesilbeach cove #photooftheday #ayearwithmycamera #mysundayphoto #photalifeSEASIDE

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The theme for this week is #PhotalifeNATURE make of it what you will and I look forward to seeing what people come up with. 

#MySundayPhoto - Down by the Sea

This week's photo was taken from our day out to Brighton. The weather was beautiful and we even had a picnic on the beach. I wonder if the people on the boat were enjoying their weekend too IMG_20140825_145243

Thank you to everyone that linked up last week. I will as always try to comment on the posts this afternoon but I can't promise that. If you add the hashtag on Twitter I will RT and if you use it on Google+ I will +1 it and the same applies to Instagram and Facebook.

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Our Day at Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival

Sand Sculpture Festival

As it was a Bank Holiday weekend we thought we'd find something a little different to do and take the girls to see something they wouldn't normally. So we headed off to the Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival.

The Festival is held from the end of April until the end of September so there is still time to go and visit. We headed down there on Sunday as we had a feeling Monday's weather would be rubbish (and we were right). For the 4 of us to go in cost us £12 which is probably one of our cheapest days out for a long time. The idea of the festival is to take you on a trip around the 7 continents of the World with easily recognisable landmarks.

Sand Sculptor Collage

I wasn't sure what to expect from the sculptors but they are amazing, my photos probably don't do them justice as they are simply stunning and you forget that they have been made from sand. The weather was lovely which helped but even during the wind and rain they don't cover them up but I'm guessing occasionally they'll have to fix them a little bit.

Sand Festival Collage

The elephant sculptor was probably the best, the detail in it's trunk is incredible. The girls enjoyed looking at all the different pieces and Aly was trying to work out what countries they came from.

The real winner for them was that at the end of walk around the World was a large sand pit which they then spent the next 30 minutes trying to make their own sculptures.


The main piece of the festival was this incredible piece which towered over everything, showing various parts of South America.


The good thing is it's right by the seafront so you can pop there for a dip in the sea and a picnic...but that's for another post.

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