Aly's First Football Training

Aly loves everything, well pretty much everything...she’s not a fan of insects, sweets, fizzy drinks and Mia being upset. Ok it’s quite a random list but generally if it’s good for her she likes it fruit, vegetables and fresh air are all good in her books.

Part of this is her also enjoying sports from riding her bike to swimming but this past weekend she started a new

photo 2-6

This of course has pleased me no end. She seemed to be the one who suggested it and she went along with one of her friends and Mummy went along too. I shall be going next weekend to see if I need to inform the National coaches that we have a new star on our hands.

This was her first time going but she joined in with everything and came back saying she loved it and really really enjoyed it. When she was home she found her Christmas list to Santa and added football tops, football shoes and football shorts to it. All this is ok unless she asked for a Man Utd shirt.

photo 3-3

She told me all about it and said she almost scored a goal, so she’s looking forward to next week even if her legs did ache a little on Monday morning.