A Summer round up with the help of Snapfish

I'm pretty confident that Summer is now over so a Summer round up seems like the perfect way to end it. The girls have now gone back to school and hopefully they had a really fun and enjoyable time over the Summer. 

During the 7 weeks off we visited a whole range of different places from farms, zoos, parks, the beach and theme parks. I had fun anyway and they seems to be happy the whole time. The people at Snapfish asked if we'd be interested in receiving a few products to show off some of the things we've been up to. 

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Has Summer Arrived?

The weather in Sussex has been very Summer like these past few days...too be honest you'd expect that as it's almost July. For the past few weeks it's been nothing like Summer so it has been a very pleasant change. 

What's the betting that now I've said that it will rain for the next few days. This weekend we're off to Legoland for a few days so fingers crossed it will stay dry for that. 

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