The Tour of Britain

Last weekend the Tour of Britain had the joy of going through Sussex and on that stage it went through our little town and of course we headed off to take a look. I had never seen the town so busy with what seemed like everyone making their way to the high street.

Tour of Britain

The thing is we had a rough idea as to what time they would appear but there was still some waiting around with lots and lots of police bikes, various medical cars and team cars. Every time something came round there was a cheer followed by a groan when they realised it was the cyclists.

Tour of Britain Car

And then it happened, the lead riders came hurtling around the corner and boom that was it, in a flash the front 5 guys had whizzed past us and then we had to wait for the chasing pack.

Tour of Britain Leaders

About 10 minutes later the rest of the field came past and again it was so fast it was difficult to make anyone out and with regards to taking photos it was more press and hope.

Tour of Britain Pack 2 4

Tour of Britain Collage 2

Now taking photos proved to be a bit tricky but I did manage to take one good photo out of the lot.

Tour of Britain

On the whole we enjoyed the event and soon rushed back home to see if we could see ourselves on the TV but unfortunately we didn't.

Did anyone else manage to see the Tour of Britain?

#MySundayPhoto - Tour of Britain

Tour of Britain
Tour of Britain

This week I was so tempted to post my photo of the Harvest Moon but instead I used that one of a blog post Taking Moon Photos so instead I've gone for this one.

The tour passed through our little town and I managed just about to take a photo. They went by so fast it was a tricky thing to photo. I quite like this one.

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