How to Take Advantage of the Golden Hour for Great Photos

The golden hour is a magical time of day for photography. It spans roughly the hour right after dawn, and the hour right before sunset – though its length varies depending on the time of year, weather, and other factors.

The reason the golden hour is so magical hour is simple: Lighting. The lighting during that time right after dawn and right before sunset is warm, diffused, and directional – all of which are traits that you can use to capture truly impressive photos.

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Tips for Better Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is my passion, I love getting out in the fresh air and trying to capture beautiful photographs. 

There are lots of people who will give advice on getting this camera or that lens but if you haven't got the basics right, to begin with then it's a losing battle. 

Here are a few simple tips that I think will help you...

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A Couple of Rules for taking photos with a blurry background with a basic kit lens

A Couple of Rules for taking photos with a blurry background with a basic kit lens. 

Do you want to get a blurry background in your photos but only have a  kit lens? 

Follow these simple rules and you'll be able to. 

It's all about these simple things: Distance to your subject, Focal Length and Aperture. 

1. Get closer to the subject with your lens that way the background will be more compressed. 

2. Zoom all the way in with your kit lens. Again you'll have a better chance at getting the background blown out. 

3. Shoot at the widest aperture possible and combined with the distance and focal length the better chance you have of getting that blurry background.

Go and give it a go and see what results you get. 

Note: My background wasn't the best but hopefully you get the point. 

Making a Photo Book and How To Layout and Design One + win a FREE book

Making a Photo Book and How To Layout and Design One + win a FREE book

I like to produce these books as gifts and they make a great professional impression. 

I love making Photobox Photo Books not just for myself but also to deliver to clients as gifts. These photo books make a STRONG IMPRESSION and are something that not only your clients but also family members will cherish for years to come. 

The book in the video is an A4 Layflat photo book that can be personalised as much as you like. 

This video is to show you how to put a book together and also my thinking on how to built and tell the story via your layout. 

These books will last an age and many people will hopefully handle them so make sure you get the best. Many companies make these books but very few companies make them well. 

My Macro Photography Set Up with Olympus

Over the past week or so I've been sharing lots of macro photos on my Instagram and I've been asked a few times how I capture these photos. 

I've been after a macro lens for ages but I can't afford one at the moment. I used to have a Tamron 90mm for my Nikon dSLR quite a few years ago. So I looked for an alternative way of capturing macro photos. 

What I did was purchase a set of extension tubes for my Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera, these cost around £15 from Amazon and I've been really pleased with them. 

The beauty of these tubes is that they fit straight to the body and then the lens goes on to that so any lens will work and fit to them. I know some screw into the lens like a filter but I found these are more versatile.  

I've created a video to work with this blog too so please have a watch of this and hopefully it'll inspire you to have a go at macro photography.