Local Vintage

If you follow me on Instagram you'll probably have seen that the other week I found a little Vintage shop in Lewes and spent the rest of the day uploading photos. That was just a small selection of photos so I thought I'd show a few more to give you an idea of what you can find in a little shop that perhaps you'd not normally go into. IMG_20140709_142320

The shop is located on Lewes High Street and is called Closet & Botts - Specialising in vintage, reclaimed and handmade homeware. 


It side you'll be amazed at just how much stuff is inside, from textiles, china, glassware and quirky gifts. Trust me you'll find it very hard to leave without buying something.


They travel around the flea markets of Europe to find overlooked treasures. I've walked past the shop for a while and their displays have always grabbed my eye and once you step inside it's all equally well displayed to inspire you. 


So if you've ever near Lewes pop in and have a look, or pop into a local shop that you've been tempted by, you may well be surprised.