What's The Story?

As a few of may have seen last week we had a family holiday at the wonderful CoombeMill and while there I wanted to get a few photos of the girls for the grandparents etc but they didn't seem to want to play ball and this is basically what was created 2014-04-07 16.43.04

2014-04-07 16.43.58

2014-04-07 16.43.21

After giving up on that setting we finally found a place and we ended up getting a more suitable photo.


These two seem to be getting cheekier and cheekier as time goes on.

#WhatsTheStory - It's Me

The photo for this week is me... me

That cheeky little chappie is little old me when I was about 8ish I think, which would have been 1990 so many years ago. School wasn't really my strong point I was more interested in playing the class clown. Luckily Aly gets her brains from her Mummy.

This photo seems a life time ago, I really don't remember that much about my primary school life, all I remember was my reports weren't the best but in the end I passed all my exams.


A Birthday Trip to London - #WhatsTheStory

This past weekend it was my wife's birthday (30, but don't tell her I told anyone) and we went up to London for the weekend as a little treat. I managed to actually take some good photos and this one is possibly my favourite of the trip. IMG_20131005_195248

I just love the colours of London. The hotel we stayed at was right next to the London Eye so we could see it from the room window.



#WhatsTheStory - It's a Rare One

This week's photo is something of a rare beast...it's a photo on me and my little girls. 2013-09-21 13.51.21

So often it's me taking the photos of the girls but while out on a walk the other day we managed to get Mummy to take a photo of us. Aly is the eldest and she will be 6 in November and Mia is the curly one and she'll be 3 in two weeks time. Try and capture as many moments as you can as they grow up so fast.

What's The Story? #ButlinsAmbassadors

2013-04-11 19.40.19 Some of you may recognize this building, it is in fact the pavilion at Butlins in Bognor Regis. This was the scene of our last holiday together. Last year we were ButlinsAmbassadors which was an amazing experience and the girls loved it.

And we are truly grateful to have been chosen once again this year and the girls reaction to hearing that was the scream and jump around the house.

For those that have never been to Butlins or think you know what it's like trust me you don't it's better than you could ever imagine.


What's The Story? with @PODcast

IMG_20130902_073401 Aly is brilliant and loves drawing and creating things and this has rubbed off on to Mia. The above drawing is one from Mia where you can actually tell it's a person. I think Aly has been teaching her this over the summer holidays.

It's so funny to see and hear Aly telling her what she's done at school and I think Mia enjoys it.


Now this is an old photo, a photo taken almost 5 years ago. Biscuit time

This was taken on Aly's first birthday which is almost 5 years ago, she looks a completely different person back then but she looks so much like Mia I think.

It's strange to think what has happened in those 5 years from Mia being born, Aly starting school, us moving and so much more inbetween.

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What's The Story?

What what a photo with me in it...yep that's right. Sleepy

Aly was at a party in the afternoon and that left us to relax which Mia took as a sign to curl up on me and have a sleep where she stayed for well over an hour. Nothing like some quality time.

What's The Story? Is a new photo linky from PODcast the idea is to link up a photo that has a story behind it.


What's The Story? - Mummy and Aly

This past weekend we headed off to a family wedding and for the first time in ages I actually got a picture of Mummy and Aly together and they both look beautiful. Mummy & Aly

Aly and Mia had such a brilliant time playing with other children from the family that they only get to see at family events. By the end of the evening they were very tired.

What's The Story? Is a new photo linky from PODcast the idea is to link up a photo that has a story behind it.