Our Day at Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival

Sand Sculpture Festival

As it was a Bank Holiday weekend we thought we'd find something a little different to do and take the girls to see something they wouldn't normally. So we headed off to the Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival.

The Festival is held from the end of April until the end of September so there is still time to go and visit. We headed down there on Sunday as we had a feeling Monday's weather would be rubbish (and we were right). For the 4 of us to go in cost us £12 which is probably one of our cheapest days out for a long time. The idea of the festival is to take you on a trip around the 7 continents of the World with easily recognisable landmarks.

Sand Sculptor Collage

I wasn't sure what to expect from the sculptors but they are amazing, my photos probably don't do them justice as they are simply stunning and you forget that they have been made from sand. The weather was lovely which helped but even during the wind and rain they don't cover them up but I'm guessing occasionally they'll have to fix them a little bit.

Sand Festival Collage

The elephant sculptor was probably the best, the detail in it's trunk is incredible. The girls enjoyed looking at all the different pieces and Aly was trying to work out what countries they came from.

The real winner for them was that at the end of walk around the World was a large sand pit which they then spent the next 30 minutes trying to make their own sculptures.


The main piece of the festival was this incredible piece which towered over everything, showing various parts of South America.


The good thing is it's right by the seafront so you can pop there for a dip in the sea and a picnic...but that's for another post.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Pretty Padstow

Just before Easter our little family headed off to Coombe Mill to enjoy a family break and while we were down that way we headed to Padstow...a place we had never been before. Wow what an amazingly beautiful place it is, if you've never been before I suggest you head that way. It's difficult to put in to words how beautiful it is. From the moment you arrive you get a smell from the fish n chips and that draws you in straight away. Even though we visited while it was the school holidays it wasn't busy while kind of surprised us.

This is one of the first scenes you are greeted with...the Padstow harbour.


We spent the most part of the day there, starting with having a walk around the shops and enjoying the weather. We also headed off and had something to eat and we managed to find somewhere that sold something other than a fish n chips.

After lunch we walked to the beach expecting it to be busy but what we were greeted with was just the perfect empty sandy beach.


The girls don't get to see sandy beaches very often so for the next few hours they made the most of it.


Like all good parent's we might not have been totally prepared but it didn't stop the girls and with the removal of their boots they went paddling in the sea wearing their tights.


Of course no trip to the seaside is complete without an ice cream and when in Padstow the ice cream has to be real Cornish ice cream.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall