Photography Gift Ideas to give this Christmas

shutterstock_149302625 If a loved one you’re buying a gift for this year is a real photography enthusiast, they’d no doubt really appreciate something related to their favourite hobby. There are loads of different things you can opt for that are to do with this theme, and we’ve come up with a list of some of our favourites.

A camera

Cameras are the obvious choice for photography fanatics, and there are loads of different varieties out there to choose from. It’s a good idea to research what they’ve already got and what styles of photography they’d like to try, so that you can get them a camera to help them achieve this. This Zippi Manual Photographer’s Cheat Sheet provides a great reference point if they usually stick to digital ones, too.

Camera accessories

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a full blown camera, how about looking into camera accessories you can buy to accentuate what they already have? This can include anything from useful options – straps, protective cases etc, to more fun options, such as different lenses. Fisheye lenses are really popular and interesting for example, and you can pick them up for a decent price at lots of high street stores, too.

A photography lesson/experience day

If they’re just starting out with photography, how about a photography lesson? This can be a great way for them to learn new, essential skills to start them off on a great foot on their new hobby. Or, if they are more advanced but want to improve still, an advanced lesson or lesson with a pro could be just as great!

A professional photo shoot

Or why not give your photography enthusiast loved one the chance to be on the other side of the camera for a change? Booking them a professional photo shoot is a great way to help them feel pampered and special, and it can also provide them with a unique insight into portrait photography which can be useful if that’s a particular branch of photography that they’re interested in pursuing further.


Photo gifts

How about buying them a special item with one of their very own masterpieces printed onto it? You can upload your own photos onto pretty much anything you can think of these days, from your standard wall canvases, to things like mugs, cushions, key rings, mouse pads and t-shirts. Choose their favourite photo and print it onto something useful, sweet or humorous for a really thoughtful gift!

Books on photography

Books by or on famous photographers are a great gift for photography fans as they provide a useful insight into their lives and work. You could also choose to opt for a book on a particular photography style that appeals to them. Additionally, another good idea when it comes to buying a book on photography is to buy them an actual guide book regarding a particular style or camera so that they can learn more.

Contributed by Jai Patel