How Does Your Garden Grow?

Is it just me or does it seem like things are growing very slowly in the garden at the moment? I was hoping to get out over the Easter weekend but the weather was naff and well there was chocolate to eat. Pear

The pear tree seems to be the only thing that is showing any real growth every week, you can see the pears starting to develop. It won't be long and we'll have more pears than we know what to do with.


The spinach leaves have a long way to go before we get to enjoy them in a salad, we tend to grow a lot of spinach as we'll enjoy that at least once a week during the summer months.


These are meant to be spring onions but I never seem to have much luck growing these, at the moment they are showing more promise than last years attempts.

Hanging Basket

At least our hanging baskets are full of colour, we don't really have many plants in the garden as we prefer to grow things we can eat but adding a splash of colour does help. Last summer our hanging baskets were full of tomatoes.