Bluebells + May Calendar

May Calendar 

A little while ago I started making monthly calendars for people to use and download, well I wanted to start doing it again. 

If you click on the image it'll open up a larger version and then right click and save as... you are then free to us it on whatever computer or screen you like. 

Daily Photo - Bluebells

Over the weekend I went for a little walk to see if I could find some bluebells. There was a few dotted around but it was probably a week or so too early for them to be fully open. 

📷 Photo Information

Taken : 22 Mar 2017, 14:10:20

Camera: NIKON D610

Lens: SIGMA Lens Model: 70.0-200.0 mm f/2.8

Exposure Time: 1/200

Aperture: f/4

ISO: 200

Focal Length: 112mm

#MySundayPhoto - Prettiness

Last weekend we went on a visit to the beautiful National Trust property Sheffield Park. This was for an Easter Egg Hunt but also to take photos. 

Although there wasn't as much colour as I was expecting we still managed to find some. 

📷 Photo Information

Taken : 14 Apr 2017, 10:38:14

Camera: CANON PowerShot G7 X Mark ii

Lens: N/A

Exposure Time: 1/160

Aperture: f/10

ISO: 250

Focal Length: 8.8mm

Have a great Sunday, I look forward to seeing all the photos. I will comment over the next few days. 

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Photo News Round-Up

A little show that I thought I'd try out. This is a round-up of the photo news that I thought you might find interesting. 

Daily Photo - Peaceful

Hello weekend, I love this spot at Sheffield Park. 

It has a certain peaceful feel to it. I hope you have a happy Saturday

📷 Photo Information

Taken : 14 Apr 2017, 10:16:18

Camera: CANON PowerShot G7 X Mark ii

Lens: N/A

Exposure Time: 1/160

Aperture: f/5.6

ISO: 400

Focal Length: 8.8mm

#MySundayPhoto - Landscape Fail

This past week I had high hopes, I had a week off work and plans to get lots sorted. I was going to capture some beautiful photographs and make a couple of videos. 

What actually happened was I got a horrible eye infection and it's meant I haven't been able to look at the computer for longer than 5 minutes. 

This was the only photo I managed to really capture this week. 

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#MySundayPhoto - Morning View

This week's #MySundayPhoto was taken on the way to work one morning. I like the colours in the sky and it looks quite beautiful. The day didn't turn out so lovely and a few hours later it was pouring down with rain. _21

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photobox canvas
The winning photo might not be from the person who took the most amazing photo but perhaps it will be a photo that tells a beautiful story, or a photo that brightened up the day.

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