The Gallery: Green

The theme of The Gallery this week is GREEN so for this week I found this busy little fella who seemed to be enjoying his GREENS Bee

It's not my greatest photo but they are speedy little wotsits and I only had my phone with me so this will have to do.

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#TheGallery - Drink

Ah one of my favourite subject, just not the alcoholic variety. I love a cup of tea, milk two sugars if anyone's putting the kettle on. There is of course something that makes a cup of tea even better and that is cake...another of my favourite subjects. So here is my offering




The Gallery - Youth

As soon as I saw the theme for this week's The Gallery I knew which photo I wanted to use, it was just a case of trying to find it...well here it is me

That's right, that little happy chappy is little old me when I was look youthful without a worry in the World.



#TheGallery - Happy

This week's theme for The Gallery is Happy and it's actually a harder theme to pick a picture for but I've decided on this picture. isolationbw

This is an old photo (before people start congratulating) of my wife looking at the scan of our now 2 year old Mia. There's nothing quite liking seeing your baby for the first time.


#TheGallery - Together

This week's theme for The Gallery is Together and of course I have included my girls again. From the very moment Aly set eyes on her new baby sister they have pretty much been best friends and even more so now that Mia is becoming a toddler.

They play nicely together and often we'll find them cuddled up under a blanket cuddling each other.