Taking Photos of Bluebells

When Spring starts to arrive one of my favourite things to do is explore the countryside and look out for bluebells. Seeing woodlands with carpets of flowers is one of my favourite things to do. The ideal time to do this is towards the end of April and the beginning on May. 

Although it's a common thing for people to photography they really create a beautiful photo plus it's also a lovely sign that the warmer weather is just around the corner. 

As mentioned bluebell shots can look the same but with a few little tweaks you can get your photos to look more original and standout. 

1. Rather than just focusing on the bluebells look for other things to add interest into the photo. That can be using trees to help frame the photo of other parts of the woodland that might draw the eye in. 

2. Change the angle of your photo. Most people will just stand there and snap away, try getting down to their level. Most people won't want to get their knees dirty so this will give you an advantage. 

3. Look at going at different times of the day. The morning mist will add drama and atmosphere to the photo. Alternatively the woodland will look completely different as the sun starts to set and will give a gorgeous glow between the trees. 

4. Pick your spot well, bluebells will be very popular so you may find parts have been trodden on. Try to pick an area that looks untouched without any bare spots. 

Hopefully by following these tips you will get bluebell photos that will stand out from the others.