Thank you for helping me grow...

The end of term is arriving and for us it signals the end of our journey for the pre-school era. Come September we'll no longer have a child in pre-school, this is a scary moment and something we've not experienced for some 5 years or so. 

Our baby Mia who started pre-school 2 years ago will now be entering the World of Primary school, how will she cope? Will she be happy? 

Of course she will be fine, she has been looked after and prepared for this event by the wonderful people at her pre-school. It seems such a long time ago when she'd have the odd tear before going in of a morning but now she's a strong and confident little girl. 

The change in her has been incredible to watch and we couldn't be more proud of her, and we know she'll develop even more at Primary School. 

As is customary at the end of term we gave all of her teachers presents to say thank you and just like the past few years Mrs OD3G has been making things. In the past she's made things such as biscuits, candle holders and many other things. 

This year I think was the best yet, introducing the Thank you for helping me grow flower pots.  

To make these

  • Find some 6inch garden pots and make sure they are clean
  • Paint with some suitable outdoor black paint 
  • Glue on some coloured ribbon around the top
  • Tie some garden twine over the ribbon and add a small charm
  • In the remaining space write a personalised message using a chalkboard pen
  • Add soil and chosen plants to the pot
  • Finish off with a wooden stick to use as a gift tag.

The teachers loved receiving these as they were personal and actually meant something.