The Last First Day at Primary School

Like many parents at the moment the countdown to the start of the school year is here and for us this marks a very unique and special time. For us this is the last time we'll be preparing for one of our girls to start Primary School. 

By Wednesday next week we will have two girls both in Primary School, no more going to pre-school, no more half days for one of them or weekdays where they get to spend it at home. This is it...the start of something new. 

As this has been the last Summer Holiday before the start of the Primary School years we've tried to make it fun and enjoyable for them, there hasn't been any big holiday but we have enjoyed a few days out. 

So far this Summer we've been to Legoland, Thorpe Park, Manor Barn Park, Marwell Zoo, Brighton and also they've been having fun with various art & craft activities. 

I think they've also enjoyed the fact that they've been able to play with each other for the past 6 weeks. They've had a few falling out but for the most part they've been the best of friends and the house has often been filled with the sound of them playing together and making up their stories. 


So my little baby is about to begin school and you can tell she's ready, I think it helps in the fact that she'll be almost 5 when she starts and the fact that she know that Aly will be nearby. 

Are we ready? I think so, her school bag is ready with new lunch box and drinks bottle and the most important part is that we have the school uniform and we've had the photos taken so we don't have to rush around and possibly forget on that first morning. 

Are you ready for the return of school?