The Loneliness of Landscape Photography


Have you ever thought about how quiet and lonely landscape photography is?

When you think of photography you think of the social side of it, interacting with people but that’s not true for all types of photography. Portrait photography is about getting the model to pose as you want, wedding photographers have to organise the families into the group photos, street photography you often talk to the people you take photos of. Even pet photographers have the owners and pets to deal with, what do you have when taking landscape photos?

From the outside, it might sound strange but it often feels that way as you’re brought alone by the YouTube videos or from the photos shared on social media.

Even if you have someone with you you tend to wander in different directions to get the photos you enjoy, you might see some photographers with dogs and that is probably just so they have a companion with them.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes the peace and alone time is ideal, a chance to be with your thoughts, to work at your own pace. Equally sometimes to see how others work, bounce ideas off each other, that would be welcome.

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