The New #SocialPix Linky

#SocialPix is back but the same rules apply just that it is now hosted here. As a little recap here are the rules. #SocialPix will be running from Friday evening until Sunday evening, every weekend to give people the chance to share their favourite image(s) of the week from their Social Media channels and blogs. And that’s images – it doesn’t have to be a photo…

Simply pop to the#SocialPix linky over here on OneDad3Girls to add the url of your favourite image. The images you link up do not have to be your own, simply an image that you have seen , shared or loved in the past week (it doesn’t matter how long ago the image itself was taken)

Link up urls of images only from one or more of the following:

A blog post, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Google +, Flickr , Facebook (but be sure to set the photo to public!) and so on…

#Socialpix is open to anyone, blogger or non-blogger, so long as you have an image to share you are more than welcome to join in! We love the idea of clicking on a link and not knowing where it’ll take you – a blog, Pinterest, Tumblr… and hopefully everyone can find new followers and people to follow on the social networks used along the way.

And for those who have asked for a badge here you go! Please note, you don’t have to use the badge, it’s just here in case you fancy it…

<div align="center"><a href="" title="OneDad3Girls"><img src="" alt="OneDad3Girls" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Here is my picture.

365 15 3

Yes that's Rylan of Xfactor and Big Brother fame. When we was at Butlins this week he performed for us and this was a photo taken by myself.

Now it's your turn. Please link up an image.