The Story Behind The Photo - Lewes Nature Reserve

It seems a long time ago that we had the hottest day of the year as I look out the window while writing this and it’s windy and pouring with rain.

On the morning of 25th July, I thought it would be a good idea to have an early morning walk, all part of walking more and getting fit. I set off at about 7.30 and it was already so hot, suddenly this didn’t seem like such a good idea.

I’d decided that Railway Land Wildlife Trust in Lewes would be a wonderful place to explore. The reserve is a glorious open space to explore and walk around, enjoying the wildlife, the plants and also the views.

When I was there I saw just a couple of people walking their dogs so it was very peaceful and allowed me to stroll at my own pace. There is very little shelter from the sun there so it wasn’t long before I was melting and only halfway through the walk. Silly me didn’t have a drink but I had a hat on so at least my head wasn’t burning.

After walking the full loop of the reserve and boiling hot I came across this newly constructed footpath that had this wonderful tree archway giving gorgeous lighting and also much-needed shade.

Having not taken a picture all morning this was much-needed relief from the sun and also one of my favourite types of photos. I love when the light breaks through the trees and creates patterns on the path and also make the leaves glow.

This was taken on my Google Pixel 2 phone, handheld and then edited using Skylum Aurora HDR. If you wish you can see the settings for this photo below.

Screenshot 2019-08-10 at 16.32.10.png