Travelling with Children

Ever since the girls have been young they have enjoyed travelling, whether in the UK or travelling in Europe. For the most part of this they have been pretty good with just a few issues along the way.

Often for holidays or weekend breaks we travel around the UK and this often means driving for a good few hours or in some cases 7 hours, in the past couple of years while travelling in the car Mia has started to get car sick. We've tried several things to stop this such as wristbands, not eating before travelling but these didn't work so as a last resort we tried sitting her in the front and this worked a treat. It seems problem solved.

We often like to enjoy a few weekends away during the course of the year and the girls love these as it’s like a little mini holiday and they love staying in hotel rooms as it’s a chance more often that not for them to sleep in the same bed. Sometimes it doesn't always go to plan, sometimes they fancying trying to re-enact a scene from Home Alone by jumping on the beds and make it look like a rock band stayed the night.

We like to think we've almost perfected the overnight stay with what we do. The first point and we think the most important point is to make sure that you have their favourite things nearby. We make sure that the girls both pack a little bag which contains their favourite soft toys and blanket so that they feel a little more secure and happy.

The other thing is that if you child goes to sleep usually at 7.00 - 7.30 this isn't going to happen in a hotel, the best thing is to embrace the extra time. We still get our girls ready for bed but we’ll then all gather on the bed and play a game that we've brought with us or watch a film. They’ll enjoy the extra time and be more likely to go to sleep when asked as they've had that extra special time.

Those are our top tips for sleeping when travelling, have you got any others to add?  

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