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During this past week we have been staying at the excellent Coombe Mill for the second year. Last year we visited a place called Trethorne Leisure Park and we enjoyed it but it was cold and windy so we didn't hang around for long but we made the effort of returning this year. If you happen to be staying at Coombe Mill then this place is just 30 minutes away which is perfect if you want to fit in the morning feed run and get there before lunch.

Trethorne Leisure Park is a farm, outdoor play and indoor play place that kept our little monkeys quiet for the most part of the day. Just be warned that anyone over the age of 3 has the set price of £10 each so it can be pretty pricey.

They have a good choice of animals such as horses, rabbits, chickens, goats, pigs and donkeys.

Trethorne Aly Feeding

The children are able to feed the animals and they also run horse rides...which neither of the girls wanted to try out.

Trethorne Mia Horse

It was also a good place for the girls to try out their camera skills and they seemed to enjoying that more than feeding the animals.


The real selling point was the fact it had a massive indoor play area with massive slides which the girls spend about an hour rushing up and down and even Mia was throwing herself down and there was also a soft play area.

As the weather was nice they also spent ages playing on the huge outdoor play area which featured two large twisty slides which daredevil Mia loved.

Aly Slide

The final part of the day here was a touch the animals where all the children sit down and get to hold a baby rabbit and also a baby guinea pig which Aly hated but Mia seemed to enjoy.

Mia Pig

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