Week 10 - Project 365

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Day 61 - Mia Art - Just for a change a photo of one of the girls creating something, this time it’s Mia.


Day 62 - Nighty Nighty - My lovely Aly just before she went to sleep.


Day 63 - Game Time - On the evenings that we aren’t giving the girls a bath then we try to play a game with them before bed and this evening we played The LadyBird game and also Guess Who


Day 64 - Just Dry Me Daddy - Sometimes photo opportunities just pop up and this was one of those times. Mia had just had a bath and she looked so snug. What she was saying was ‘Daddy just dry me’


Day 65 - World Book Day - As most of you will know it’s World Book Day and today Aly went dressed as a Pirate…why a Pirate? Well she always dresses as a Pirate, it was going to be Little Red Riding Hood…but at the 11th hour it changed to a Pirate.


Day 66 - Building with BizzyBitz - Today we got something a little different to build with for review…BizzyBits and Aly seemed to enjoy it.


Day 67 - Spring - Finally it appears that Spring has arrived.

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