Week 11 - Project 365

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Day 68 - Wiggly Worm - While digging in the garden we came across this wiggly worm.


Day 69 - Where's Mia? - Little Mia playing a game of peeka


Day 70 - Poorly Aly - After Mia being ill for the past few days it has now hit Aly and this is how I found her after I came home from work. Aly never gets ill.


Day 71 - Smile - Today Mia had was due to have her photo taken at Preschool, and her she is practising her smile.


Day 72 - Boxer - As if they didn’t have enough toys they decide the best toy of all is a giant cardboard box


Day 73 - Pear Time - The pear tree in our garden is starting to show signs of life, Spring has arrived.


Day 74 - Little Helpers - As it was such a nice day today we went to the garden centre and picked up a few things and spend the afternoon in the garden.

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