Week 12 - Project 365

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12 Weeks already and we'll soon be enjoying Easter eggs.


Day 75 - Picnic - Today was the most amazing day weather wise and it allowed us to head up to the Ashdown Forest where we had a little picnic


Day 76 - Entertainment - Just look at the pair of them, both sitting on their tablets watching random YouTube videos


Day 77 - Bedtime - This is the little cutie who I read a bedtime story to


Day 78 - Hairy - This evening was bath and hair wash and it was my turn to dry Aly which also meant I got to style her hair…it turns out Daddy can’t style hair…but I thought it looked good.


Day 79 - Sunny Lewes - This is a little view of my walk into work. I could think of worse things to see in the morning.


Day 80 - Happy Fish - This past week we had a new fish tank sent to us for review and tonight the fishes moved into their new plush home…and so far they seem happy.


Day 81 - Potatoes - We are loving the change in weather meaning that we are able to get out in the garden most weekends and today we managed to plant the first of our potatoes in the garden.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this round up and click the badge to see the other Project365 entries.

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