Week 13 - Project 365

Another week bites the dust and this time next week we'll be at Coombe Mill


Day 82 - Baking - Another Sunday comes along and Mrs OD3G is baking, this time Victoria Sponge mini cakes.


Day 83 - Shower Time - Monday night is shower night for the girls and for the first time Mia wanted the shower cap on


Day 84 - Lunch Note - For a little project today I added this little note in Aly’s lunch box that she took to school and she seemed to like it.


Day 85 - Monkey Ninja - Aly seems to have an amazing imagination and this week she has mainly been Monkey Ninja…before school the other morning she noticed it was raining and she said ‘oh no Monkey Ninjas don’t like rain’


Day 86 - Say Cheese - These are the cheeky monkeys that it’s all about.


Day 87 - Spelling - Today’s photo is of Aly practising her school spellings while dressed as an old lady


Day 88 - Haircut - Today it was time for the girls to get a haircut before our holiday next week.

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