Week 15 - Project 365

This past week we have been enjoying ourselves at Coombe Mill and it has been brilliant...there is our week in photos IMG_20140406_103322

Day 96 - Oh Deer - This was one of the sights on the feed run at Coombe Mill


Day 97 - Cute Photo - Today I asked a the girls for a cute photo and this is what was created


Day 98 - Love and Laughter - The two angels sitting in the tree chair at Coombe Mill


Day 99 - Tractor Ride - A very happy Aly was able to drive the tractor at Coombe Mill this morning


Day 100 - Raft Building - Today on the farm there was a raft building competition…and this is what we created in 10mins. Let’s just say it didn’t win


Day 101 - Smallest Driver - Today was the final feed run of our holiday and Mia got to drive the tractor


Day 102 - Final Morning - The last morning that we’ll wake up at Coombe Mill for another year

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